Yoshimizu Shrine

The first gate of Yoshimizu Shrine The World Heritage Yoshimizu Shrine
Stairs to the shrine Hitome Senbon
The third gate of the shrine The garden in the shrine
The chozuya The main hall of the shrine

There is a small gate as tall as neighborhood houses on the Mt. Yoshino street.  The gate is an entrance of Yoshimizu Shrine. Once I passed through the gate, I walked on the mysterious way like stairs going down and going up will be on my way to the shrine. 

After finish walk up the stairs, there is great view at the spot of Hitome Senbon over the second gate of the shrine. Hitome Senbon means that we can see a thousand of trees at a sight.  In spring season, we can enjoy the view of a thousand of pinkish cherry blossoms on Mt. Yoshino

Passing through the last gate arrowed us to enter into the main area of Yoshimizu Shrine. A beautiful garden that consist of greens, mysterious rocks and a calm stream is beside the main hall of the shrine.

Yoshimizu Shrine has been said that built in around the 14th centuries and used to be a temple where an emperor and priests used to live. Therefore, lots of conventional documents and treasures have been remaining and exhibited. 

This is where we can definitely enjoy the view and learn history of Japan.