Kobashi's Rice Cake Pack

Appearance of Kobashi Introspection of Koabashi

With a 10 minutes walk along beautiful Yoshino river from Kintetsu Yamato Kamiichi station, there is a small rice cake shop, "Kobashi", that is hardly found. Kobashi is well known for stunning race cakes among people who live in Yoshino. Because of popularity of the rice cakes, they run out as soon as the shop open everyday.

Kobashi started the rice cake shop more than 200 years ago. A current shop keeper is the 4th generation. Successive shop keepers have inherited their method to make the cakes and the taste of the rice cakes.

One of the most popular rice cakes that Kobashi serves is that red bean paste is covered with thin pounded rice and its surface is baked a bit. The taste of the cake is marvelous. That is not too sweet and not too salty, greatly balanced. Its expiry date is the day you buy the cake, which means you have to eat it while fresh.

If you are eager to get the rice cakes, you better make a booking. Let's try 200-years historical taste in beautiful Yoshino.

Trading Hours: 8:00 AM~Sold Out
Closed: every Thursday