Tegami Cafe

Tegami Cafe A Backyard of Tegami Cafe
Inside of Tegami Cafe Exhibitions
Tegami Lunch A Chiffon Cake

Here is a fascinating cafe named Tegami Cafe in Gose city. The building of the cafe had been build for more than 100 years as a post office. The former post office was renovated and reborn as a post office museum and the cafe in 2015. In the museum, which is free entry, stuffs that used to be used when it was the post office long time ago are exhibited. Additionally, in a backyard of the museum, there are curious monuments like a statue of a post man, an old post and stamps.

Tegami Cafe serves delicious dishes made from vegetables, rice, tofu, eggs, soy sauce made in NARA. One of the most famous menu in the cafe is the "Tegami Lunch", which is good to eat and good to see. Food stuff of the lunch are different from season by season, which means customers can enjoy the seasonal ingredients on a plate. The cafe provides great desserts and coffee as well.

This is not as popular area as other historical places in NARA, but worth visiting and eating on the way to the south of NARA.

Trading Hours
11:00AM-4:00PM(Last Order 3:30 PM)
CLOSED: every Tuesday and Wednesday