A Guide Map of Gojoshinmachi A Street in Gojoshinmachi
A Small Bridge in Gojoshinmachi Carp Streamers
The White Bouncing Mountain Gojochuo Park

There is another district where Japanese traditional houses are situated between JR Gojo station and JR Yamatofutami station called Gojoshinmachi. Gojoshinmachi is designated National Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings as well as Imaicho. It was established beside beautiful Yoshinogawa river in 1608 as a castle town of former Futami castle. The district became a important point of transportation among Mie, Wakayama and the north of Nara.

In May, giant carp streamers are decorated along Yoshinogawa river. We have the kid's day in Japan in May and hung up the carp streamers as a traditional event.

Additionally, if you go up along the river from the district, you can find a pretty unique park named Gojochuo Park. The park has got a big white bouncing mountain. The park is suitable for kids or family to have a time for picnic and fun.

This is a less well-known traditional district than Imaicho and Naramachi, but definitely worth visiting.