Red and White Eels Rice Box Unage

Only a minute walk from JR Takada Station, there is a small but greatly fresh eel cuisine restaurant named Unagen. The restaurant serves foods like grilled eels, eel sushi, course meals of eels and much more. One of my most favorite dishes at the restaurant is the "Red and White Eels Rice Box", with which I can enjoy two tastes. One is a grilled eel with soy sauce based sauce, which is the "Red", another one is grilled eel with salt, which is the "White" are in a box.The both eels in the box are pretty thick and as soft as melting on my tongue when I put them in my mouth.

In Japan, Hamanako lake in Shizuoka is the most famous place for eels farming and where people can eat good eel foods. However, we can eat marvelous ones here in NARA as well.