Kurosu's RAMEN

The entrance of Kurosu The persistence of Kurosu on a Board

Here is a RAMEN restaurant named Kurosu near Kintetsu Takadashi Station. RAMEN is noodles that are put into soup like soy sauce based soup, salt based soup and miso(soy beans paste) based soup normally. RAMENs were originally born in China once upon a time and they have been customized their tastes to Japanese people so far. We have got so many kinds of RAMENs and RAMEN restaurants in Japan recently and that became a Japanese soul food.

However, RAMENs that Kurosu serves are a bit different from conventional ones.
That is because the resutaurant is produced by a French restaurant which is located across a street from Kurosu. Kurosu serves chicken stock and salt based soup RAMENs mainly and has persistence to provide great dishes such as
1. Kagoshima Chicken for the chicken stock
2. French Slat for the soup base
3. Nara Soy Sauce for the soup base as well
4. French Flour for the noodles
5. Lacquered Bowls
and much much more.
Kurosu's RAMENs taste pretty mild so they are popular with Japanese ladies.

That would be the one that you would love to eat once a week if you lived in  NARA.