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With a few minutes walk from Kintetsu Yagi-Nishiguchi station, there is a district where Japanese traditional houses are situated named Imaicho. Visitors who visit Imaicho can feel a real historical atmosphere because some of the buildings have been remaining and conserved since the 1500s. Imaicho is designated National Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

It has been believed that Imaicho was originated by founding Shonenji-Temple in around 1500. The founder tried to propagate one of the sects of Japanese Buddhism to farmers from the temple. People like the farmers and merchants came over from other places and Imaicho grow as one of the biggest business town in Japan at that time. There were more than a thousand houses that used to be served as both shops and the dormitories in Imaicho.

The current Imaicho is that some houses are for residents and others are for commercials such as cafes, restaurants and grocery shops. Also, there are museums to exhibit stuffs that were used in the 1500s, how the people lived and show history of the town.

Imaicho is less popular than other traditional towns like Kyoto and Ishikawa, but it is worth visiting to know, to see, to feel Japanese conventions.