Homemade Roast Beef Rice Bowl

The Outside of the Bar The Inside of the Bar

With a couple minutes walk from Kintetsu Yamatotakada Station, there is a bar that has a bit different atmosphere from its next doors. Its name is Chararin. Chararin is a Spanish style bar serving delicious meat cuisine with fresh vegetables. The reason why the bar is getting more popular is the "Homemade Roast Beef Rice Bowl" being provided only at lunch time. About 30 slices of roast beef are put like a mountain on a bowl and a fresh yolk, mayo and original sauce are on the top of the mountain. The beef is very soft and match its taste with the yolk, mayo and sauce.
You will definitly satisfy the rice bowl's taste and the amount.

Trading Hours
Lunch Time 11:30AM-2:30PM(Last Order2:00PM)
Dinner Time 5:00PM-24:00AM(Last Order11:00PM)
*No Lunch Time on Sunday