Nakatanidou(Front) A Factory Space

Nakatanidou(Side) YOMOGIMOCHIs

With a short walk from Nara park, there is a rice cake shop named Nakatanidou. Nakatanidou is famous for a high speed rice cake pounding as well as a handmade Japanese mugwort flavored rice cake(YOMOGIMOCHI). The high speed rice cake pounding is performed at the shop a few times in a day. The performance is not only fun to see but also effective to make YOMOGIMOCHI soft and springy texture.

YOMOGIMOCHI is a mugwort flavored rice cake which contains pasted red beans in its inside and covered with soy bean flour. It is really soft because of the pounding and taste beautiful! This is the one that visitors must try when they come to Nara.

The High Speed Rice Cake Pounding
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