Koshino Ie

Koshino Ie The Deep Aisle

The Courtyard The Courtyard

The Storage Under The Stairs  The Second Floor

Koshino Ie is a house that was replicated after a traditional townhouse in Naramachi and open to the public. There are unique characteristics in the house, such as a narrow frontage, a deep aisle and an area that is designated as storage under the stairs to use a small space effectively . Also, the house has a lattice not to be able to see the inside from the outside and a courtyard to get the room bright and ventilated. Visitors can feel the Japanese conventional ideas to live in the house.

Koshino Ie is not only the place where we learn how people lived long time ago, but it is also where we enjoy Japanese culture because cultural entertainment shows are held in every spring and autumn. Furthermore,  a small information center of Naramachi is situated in there. It provides the information of all around Naramachi and maps that introduce shops, restaurants and museums.

If you visit Naramachi, you better come to the house straight away.