Kasuga An

Kasuga An An Assorted Cake Plate With Japanese Tea

The Shaved Ice Bowl With  Brown Sugar Syrup The Shaved Ice Bowl With  Green Tea Syrup
With a short walk from the Naramachi information center, there is a traditional Japanese house style cafe that is famous for SATSUMA YAKI. SATSUMA YAKI is a sweet potato shaped cake that contains pasted red beans and is covered by thin bread. There is  a factory space where staffs make the cakes in the cafe. Visitors can enjoy not only eating the cake, but also seeing how they are made.

The cafe also serves other snack and several kinds of Japanese tea.  In summer season, they provide big shaved ice bowls. We got a shaved ice bowl with  brown sugar syrup and soy bean flour and the bowl with green tea syrup, red beans and rice cakes when we visited the cafe. They were really good to have a rest from taking a walk around the ancient city of Nara in hot and muggy Japanese summer.