AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama

The Outside of AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama The Inside of AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama

AEON Mall is one of the most popular shopping mall groups in Japan. There are some of the malls in Nara. Here is AEON Mall Yamatokoriyama which is one of the biggest ones in Nara, even in the west region of Japan. People coming to the mall can buy anything they want, such as fresh foods, electric appliances, cloths, pets and more. Additionally, it has restaurants, cafes and even medical services, so they can spend a whole day in there.

A decade ago, we needed to go to a big city like Osaka to buy good items because there were not such nice shops in rural areas like Nara. It took more than an hour from Nara to Osaka by train and walked around the city for a while to find a shop in which we could buy what we want. However, thanks to these kind of shopping malls, we can reach the malls within thirty minutes by car or there are shuttle buses from the nearest stations.

You better schedule a shopping day in AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama if you come to the north of Nara