AEON MALL Kashihara

The Outside of AEON MALL Kashihara The Inside of AEON MALL Kashihara

AEON MALL Kashihara is one of the biggest shopping mall in Nara as well as AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama. The shopping mall contains more than 200 shops, many kinds of restaurants, medical services and even car shops. It also holds a lot of events for children, families and commercial thanks to the huge space. People from kids to elderly can definitely enjoy spending their time in the mall. They can buy a just cup of coffee or buy a car in here.

The mall is a bit far to accessed on foot. People usually come to the mall by cars. Approximately 5000 car spaces are equipped beside the mall. Also, buses that depart from Kintetsu Yamatoyagi Station or Kintetsu Yamatotakada Station to the mall are quite useful for people come from outside of Nara.

You better schedule a shopping day in AEON MALL Kashihara if you come to the middle of Nara