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The main gate(SHINMON)

With a short walk to the east from Todaiji Temple, there is a quiet place where a shrine called Tamukeyama-Hachimangu is situated.

Tamukeyama-Hachimangu was funded as a guardian deity of Todaiji when the main hall of Todaiji was being built in 749. It was the first branch shrine of Usa-Hachimangu, which is a headquarters of one of the Japanese shrines. The original shrine was built in Koriyama, Nara and it was move to the south of Todaiji. Although, the shrine had been destroyed by fire in 1180, it was rebuilt in 1188. Also a new building was constructed in 1201. The shrine was moved to where it is currently in 1250. What we see now was built in 1692 because the shrine had been burned out again in 1642.

The site is pretty calm in comparison to Todaiji because there are few people who come over to the shrine. Visitors stop at Todaiji or Nigatsu-do even if they come and see Nara. They better travel a bit farther to Tamukeyama-Hachimangu.