The Information Center Of Naramachi A Cafe in Naramachi

A Museum in Naramachi  A Wagon Retailer of Groceries

Naramachi is located on the southeast of the center of Nara city. It is famous as a district where traditional residential buildings and warehouses are situated.

Naramachi evolved industries and was known as a prominent business town in the middle of 17th century. Many of the buildings in Naramachi are townhouses that used to be served as both shops and the dormitories of local merchants. These houses have been still remaining and currently used as boutiques, grocery shops, cafes, restaurants and a few museums 

Visitors will be able to enjoy the conventional townscape by just only walking around and seeing the view. Also, they can experience traditional crafts such as dyeing clothes, making accessories by glass, making Japanese cakes and a lot more.

This is the very place where you must visit if you come to Nara.