Nara Park

Deer in Nara Park

A Deer Crossing Road A Sign of Caution For The Deer's Leaping Out

Rickshaws Running Around Nara Park A Souvenir Shop

Nara park is one of the most famous parks in Japan located in the center of Nara city. Nara park was established in 1880 as a park that hold precious and historical heritages.

Generally the park is recognized 660ha(Officially 511.33ha) of land by public. The whole area where include Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji and other conventional buildings is called Nara Park. To look around every heritage in such a huge park takes a long time and is exhausting. If you would like to travel Nara park easily, a rickshaw is the best option to take. A strong man will carry you sitting on a luxury seat with two wheels.That is going to be an unique experience of Nara for you.

Visitors can meet a lot of deer which is the iconic animal of Nara and can feed deer with rice crackers in the park. The visitors must be careful not to give anything except the rice crackers. There are issues that visitors feed deer with something not to eat or not good for deer, then deer get sick and die. Deer have been respected as a sacred animal for time immemorial and also been designated as a national protected species.

Observe the rule and enjoy seeing ancient Nara.