TOKONDO and GOJU-NO-TO The East Golden Hall(TOKONDO)

With a few minutes walk from Kintsu Nara Station, visitors are able to see a five-storied tower and a big house, which means they step into an area of Kofukuji. They can meet deer around the buildings.

The original temple of Kofukuji was established in Yamashina, Kyoto by the wife of the man who was a politician during the Asuka period in 669. That was because she wished that her hasband recovered from his illness. Due to the location where the temple was situated, it was called Yamashina temple. After a civil war in 672, the temple was move to Kashihara, Nara and changed its name Umayasaka temple because of the name of where it was built. At the same time when the capital of Japan was relocated to Nara, the temple was moved to current location again.

Kofukuji is consist of a few towers and some hall as following.
The Five-storied pagoda(GOJU-NO-TO)
The Three-storied pagoda(SANJU-NO-TO)
The East Golden Hall(TOKONDO)
The Central Golden Hall(CHUKONDO)
The North Octagonal Hall(HOKUENDO)
The South Octagonal Hall(NANENDO)
The Bath House(OYUYA)

Kofukuji was selected as one of the Seven Great Temples in the city of Nara. Kofukuji was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara and also designated as a National Tresure as well.