Kasuga Taisha


The approach and the stone lanterns  MANMON(The South Gate)

CHUMON(The Middle Gate) The back of the south gate

With a short walk to the southeast from Todaiji Temple, there is a  bright vermillion shrine called Kasuga Taisha. Kasuga Taisha was established for the hope of the prosperity of the nation and happiness of the people. It enshrined four gods who were from Chiba, Ibaraki and Osaka in 768. Approximately 1000 services to the gods and religious festivals have been held every year since the time of ancient, even nowadays.

Visitors who are heading to Kasuga Taisha will pass the quite mysterious  approach that is sandwiched amongst 3000 of stone lanterns. In addition, if you reach NINOTORI(the second gate) behind the monument of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a statue of a deer(FUSESHIKANO-TEMIZUSHO) that is sacred and iconic animal in NARA will appear. That is the place where people who visit the shrine clean their hands and mouths for ritual.

To enter the precinct of Kasuga Taisha, you can see NANMON(the south gate) first. The gate is at the middle of cloister that stretches 42m east to west. The precinct's four sides are surrounded by cloister. The main sanctuary is located in the middle of the precinct behind CHUMON(the middle gate).

People come to Kasuga Taisha invoke the safe for their family, their success in business and so on and the gods in the shrine have fulfilled their wish for a long time.

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